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The Best 10 Gay Spot in Jakarta


[:en]I really pleased cause so many people comes to this blog recently.
Many people have interest in gay information in Asia more than I had expected.

Today, I will write the article casually. The theme is The Best 10 Gay Spot in Jakarta.
I often asked about this topics by my friends.

*This article written by 2014.

1. Sarinah(Gay Cafe in Jakarta)

There is some casual cafe that many young gay guys comes. This area called Sarinah. It's like NIBERO in Sinjuku inTokyo.

Sarinah is a name of shopping mall. it is open in 24 hours. (24 hours store is very rare in Jakarta) Especially, Macdonald in there is Gay spot within young gay guys. They are chatting with their friends. Almost of them are around 20's or 30's guys.

If you have a interest and free time, lets try to visit there. And then you can check the Gay App in there.


2. Atrantis (No.1 Gay Sauna in Jakarta)

Atrantis is opened in around 2012. It' s newest Gay Sauna in Jakarta now.
If you want to go to Sauna, I recommend to go there at first. This Sauna is very clean and big. There is a gym. And many young guys around 20's comes here.

The route is a little bit difficult.
At first it's better to go to "BnB HOTEL" in Kelapa Gading Area. Sauna is next to this hotel.
You can say to the taxi driver, "plese go to "BnB HOTEL" in Kelapa Gading Area near    Moll of Indonesia"
Maybe some people lost the way yet. So it's better to prepare the Map or GPS Map by iPhone. If you got near the sight its better to walk to assess to inside of this area.



3. 9M (Traditional Gay Sauna in Jakarta)

9M is traditional Gay Sauna. This is already old and a little bit dirty... but i like there.
It's very easy to access. We can walk 5 minutes from Grand Indonesia Mall in center of Jakarta.

There is a mini bar in sauna. The staff is very very kind. You can get information in there.
Honestly Guest is almost 30's, 40's and older than 50's.

911 Sauna in Kebayoran area is managed by same company. 911 is a little bit difficult to access. it's like a big house.

9M, 911 sauna



There is other sauna in hotels in Jakarta. But these are normal sauna for straight people. But... Surprisingly some sauna is unofficial gay spot.

Millenium Hotel Sauna is popular as that. Entrance fee is around 20$. We can use the sauna, swimming pool and fitness gym. we don't need to stay in the hotel, we can use only them in 20$.

But please pay attention that it's normal sauna.
I couldn't write anymore... It's better not to do hard play. Be careful to keep the rules. Be careful to avoid be claimed by reception staff...


5. Plaza festival pool (Gay swimmingpool in Jakarta)

There is Swimming pool for gay like a SHIBA-pool in Tokyo.
The important thing is the time to visit. It's from 4PM to 6PM in Sunday. Almost guest is gay guys in that time.
You can come with gay friends and swim or chat. Or you can make a new gay partner in the pool. Or you can xxxxxxx in the pool. (This is joke)

This pool is in Plaza festival mall in Kuningan Ares.


6. Apollo (Gay Dance Club in Jakarta)

I wrote the article about it. This is the most biggest Gay club in Jakarta.
Many young LGBT people comes here.

I went to Apollo, No.1 Gay Dance Club in Jakarta


7. Moon light (Old Gay Club in Jakarta)

There is other Gay Club in Jakarta, Moon light.
But my friends say "I don't recommend to go to there, cause it's dangerous." So I tried to it yet.

(On the other hand, there is a Gay Club Event in Hotel Borobudur Jakarta in a 1 or 2 times in a year. That was around July.)


8. SPHINX SPA (Gay Massage in Jakarta)

I recommend SPHINX SPA. It's Gay Massage in Jakarta.
It is my favorite place. Although buildings is not clean and boys is not perfectly nice guys.
The one of good point is price. I paid 15$ in 2hours. (excluded a chip)
But you need to pay a chip. It's better to prepare a chip.

It's difficult to access to there. It's better to call on the phone in a taxi.
Maybe they don't have official web sight.
Sphinx Sp
Jalan Kemang Utara IX, Ruko Tiara Buncit, Block C22 Basmar Mampang, Jakarta, Indonesia
+62 21 9341 4249

***Now this Spa's name is changed. (2016)


9. Fitness First (Gay Sports Gym in Jakarta)

i wrote the article about it.
Thiis is the best Gay Spot for me. lol.
99% of the member of this gym is Gay I think. And rich and nice guys comes here. Facility and Body jam is very good. I really recommend this gym.


10. The Park (Jakarta Outside Causing Spot)

There is also cruising spot in outside.
I went to there with my Indonesian friends. But sorry I forget about it. i don't remember the name of the park... Cause I went there the 3rd day after I came to Jakarta.

Many guys around 40 or 50's were dancing in that park with traditional Indonesian music. You can have a experience traditional Indonesian dance music and meet with old gay guys.


Ex. The Security Officer in Shopping Mall (GO GO BOYS? in Jakarta)

Almost security officer is very nice guys. Mainly they are bear and muscle guys.
I often here the story about them. My friend said that "you can have a sex if you ask to them." is it a true? I don't try it yet.

On the other hand, I recommend to go to massage for straight. Massage in Jakarta is very cheap and staff is very nice. One of the massage staff, he is nice bear guy, gave a message card for me. Maybe he wanted to earn money from Japanese customer purely. But he was so nice guys. it is good experience. In that means, i recommend the normal massage in shopping mall.




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