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How to use Gay App in Jakarta Part 1


Long time no see.
I had some trouble in life...

I want to advice one thing.
I recommend to study English hard in school days, especially Japanese gay students.
Japanese culture is very boring cause japanese business culture is very conservative.
I felt English is very important skill to work in global.
It's better to study English till you get 800 score in TOEIC.

By the way...
Today I write about Gay App situation in Jakarta.
It's very different with Japan.

(1) Gay App Ranking in Jakarta

2. Grindr
3. Jack'd
4. Scruff
5. 9monsters, Hornet

I made a Gay App Ranking in Jakarta.
It made by my feelings and information from my friends.
(Maybe it rely to my body type...)

Basically in Jakarta, Many many message comes.
Around 20 message comes in 1 day.
If you arrive to Air port in Jakarta and open Gay App, you can receive 5 message in short time.
i think it's very exciting.


Perhaps GROWLr is not so popular in Japan.
This App icon is bear, so it for Bear guys.
It have Woof function. We can send a Woof message to many guys in one time. It's near function HOWLING in 9monsters.
I don't use this function often.

Message comes so many.
I think there are many cute bear guys.
I think their face often look like My favorite Actor YAMADA KENTA.


I think Grindr is also popular in Japan.
I can't receive many message in Japan, But in Jakarta so many message comes.


JackD user are mainly slim boys and young boys I think.
JackD can appear OFFLINE guys and all guy types, it's different point with other Apps.
I use not only to search sex friends also get chance to meet just friend.


9monsters is used by Japanese mainly.
So it's useful to meet to Japanese.
(but I already know almost Japanese gay in Jakarta. lol)


---I will write in Part 2 Below contents----

(2) How to message in Jakarta Gays in App

(3) My Strategy to sex with Jakarta nice guys

(4) Conclusion




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