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I went to New Gay Sauna, T1 Sauna in Jakarta

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I have many information of Gay spot in Jakarta.
I will write day by day, little by little. Cause Im a little bit busy these days.

Anyway, Today I introduce a No.1 Gay Sauna "T1 Sauna" in Jakarta.

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1. What's T1Sauna

T1 Sauna is a No.1 Gay Sauna in Jakarta. This sauna managed a big company. They also manage a Atlantis Sauna located Noeth Jakarta.
T1 Sauna opened in June 2014.

This Sauna is very beautiful and clean.
If you come to Jakarta on a business trip, I recommend to visit there.

You have to pay attention for that there is NOT many nice guy every time in there.
It can not be guaranteed

2. Hoe to access to Sauna

its maybe a little bit difficult to access to Sauna.
I will explain detail.
Simply i explain at first, "You go to inside of Residence area"

(1) Address and Maps

I prepared a Map.


Address is here.

Jalan Suryo Print
Komplek Harmoni Plaza
Blok A / 16 – 17
Jakarta Pusat

This Green zone on this Map is MONAS.
MONAS is a very high statue. its in center of Jakarta.

You are maybe use a taxi in Jakarta.
You can take the this map for driver.
If its difficult for you, you can call to Sauna.
Telephone number of Sauna is below.
You can use a APP in iPhone, like a LINE WhatsApp.

You can pass a telephone to driver simply.
They always don't mention to GAY or SAUNA. you don't hesitate to that.

T1 Sauna Phone Number
+62 216328225
(If you use a phone bought foreign country, you need to add +62)
(If you bought a phone or SIM in Indonesia)

When you pass the Map for taxi, Sometimes driver can't understand a map or he can't see the detail map.
Then you need to say below.

"Trong minta pergi ke JL.Suryopronto di Harmoni Plaza"

Its simple Indonesian language.
JL.Suryopronto means Street of Suryopronto.
You need to mention its near from Harmony plaza. Cause Street of Suryopronto is very long street.


(2) Enter inside by Taxi

You can go to St. Suryopronto easily.
Its difficult to access after that.

(Map was deleted)

Like this picture, Sauna is in this Red Mark.
You enter inside of Residence from Blue Mark.

i think you only can enter from here.
This way and area is like a Collective housing.
its very dark in the night.

After enter the there, you go by a narrow way.
You can get the entrance of T1 sauna like a picture of top.

Is it Easy ?

If you can't understand, please comment to this article.


3. Facility (it's very wide like a jangle.)

I will explain about inside of this sauna, facility and services.
At first, this sauna is very clean.
(Many people may think that Indonesia is not clean. But it's old thinking. Now, Indonesia is growing in economics and have much money. Honestly almost buildings are more beautiful than Japan. You can expect for here.)

Second, I mention to structure of this building.
After entrance, Reception is there. you pay the money in here, then you can through the gate. (Even if you can't speak Indonesian language its OK. silent is no problem.)(sometimes female staff is working in here.)

After Reception, there is gym space.
In the 2nd floor, there is Rocker room. its very wide. (maybe around 300 rockers)
Interior is designed white and blue color mainly.
There is also Party space aside a it. We can dance like a night club. its as big as Arch in Tokyo.
There is a Bar. We can drink and chat in there. It's not popular in Gay Sauna in Japan, but I think its normal in Indonesia and European Country.

3rd floor is Causing zone. it's like a maze.

4th floor is San roof terrace. We can access to Pool and Steam Sauna.

5th floor is Theater room.

Its very BIG. Amazing. very nice!

I will explain detail more below.


4. Theater room is exstreamly nice!!

On the 5th floor, there is Theater room.
I was really surprised about it. It's first time to see it in my many travel experience.

There is 3 big screens. (Beautiful) videos are shown in that with big sound.
there is very clean and cool.
There is also 6 big water proof bed. so we can lie in there and watch the movie and relax and so on.

Many people lie in there and chatting slowly and calmly.

It's Amazing. I recommend it.




5. Jacuzzi Pool is exstreamly nice!!

Jacuzzi pool is also nice.
It's a kind of Jacuzzi that we can walking. It's like Japanese Super Sento.
Many people was staying, chatting and relaxing in there cause its warm.

I met my friend accidentally in there, i joined chatting.

this Jacuzzi in not so big but very interesting.



6. Other Facility

Steam Sauna

Steam Sauna is also very big.
There is maze zone and sauna zone.
Steam sauna zone is well-lighted more than other place.
Cause Its my favorite spot. I could guys faces clearly. lol.


Maze in 3rd floor

Maze in 3rd floor is very big and interior design is cool.
But I felt its too dark.
Maybe almost Indonesian is shy, so Sauna staff set to dark there.
Basically people who are very shy and couldn't have () in outside came here i think.
(its not abuse :x)
So its very dark for those people.
I like Jacuzzi and Stem Sauna more than Maze in 3rd floor.



Bar in 2nd floor

The day I went to there was Anniversary. there was DJ and Dance music.
In addition that, we can got a meal like a lunch box for every guest. wow.
Of course entrance fee is higher than usual a little. Lunch box is almost chicken. Indonesian meal is always chicken....


This is a little bit unusual culture compared to Japanese gay culture. Almost Japanese don't chatting in Gay Sauna openly. Cause Japanese are very very shy.
i think Indonesian is also shy. but in the bar like there, Indonesian is very open and chatting loudly.
To begin with, There is no traditional Gay Bar in Jakarta now. (there was some Gay bar in little time ago but now closed.) So It's very nice time to chat in mini gay bar in sauna for me.
there is a Bar Master in 9M, 911 sauna. chatting with Bar Master was interesting for me. (there is no staff in mini bar in Atrantis maybe)


7. I thought there is no nxxxx g...

I thought there is no nice guys. ssss sorry to say like that.
Maybe its not good timing. i went to there in midnight, around after 7 pm.

Peak time

Indonesian dont have over work. they are smarter than crazy Japanese. lol
So almost people finish work around 5 pm.
So, Peak time is maybe after 6 pm i think. I recommend to go to early. if you go to late time, there is not so many guys in there.

There was around 100 people in that day. Maybe cause it was Anniversary.
If you go to Saturday or Sunday, i recommend to go around 4-5 pm.


I expect the reason why nice guys don't come in here.


Reason 1. Nice guys are using App not go to Sauna.

I think Gay app is developing day by day. And almost Indonesian got Smart phone recently.
So nice guys are using Gay app and make friends from there.
Of course 20% people is very nice in all guests in this Sauna i think.
But i don't recommend you to have expect to here excessively.


Reason 2. Sauna is for ordinary people already.

its hard to say...
But i will say, i think Gay Sauna in Jakarta is  already for ordinary people.ordinary people means low-income people.

Indonesian economics is growing. So many people can pay the fee for sauna.
A little time ago, almost people couldn't pay for sauna, so i think there was almost foreigner or chinese Indonesian i think.
low-income people have different life style from foreigner like Japanese. So its a point to attention. If you make a friend who are low-income people in here, perhaps they don't want to go to dinner to rich restaurant or sightseeing cause of they have different sense of values.
So I think nice guys don't come in here from this 2 reason.
Its only my thinking. Sorry if its my misunderstanding.
By any chance, if you go to there in week day, you could get nice guys.



Have a nice trip!!




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