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Cave x, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan - Gay Sauna Review


1. Introduction

Today Im going to introduce a newest gay sauna in Tokyo, Cave x.
This sauna is managed by same company with Cave in Ueno.
Cave is one of popular gay sauna for bears in Tokyo.

Cave x is smaller than Cave, but location is very good.
I think it will get more hotter day by day.


2. Web page
This is official web page of Cave x.
Maybe English page will open soon.
This is fficial web page of Cave in Ueno.
We could see this page in English.

Basically you can check the information in this site.


3. Access

1st floor UI building 6-9-5 Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan

6-9-5 Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, Japan

5 minutes walk from
Shinjuku-San-Chome Station (Marunouchi-Line, Tokyo Metro)
10 minutes walk from
Shinjuku Station (JR/Odakyu/Tokyu/Seibu)

It is very easy to go this site.
It’s better to use “Shinjuku San-cho-me” Station.
It takes 5 minutes from this station.
Around this Shinjuku-Ni-cho-me (means 2nd Area of Shinjuku town) is most popular gay town in Tokyo.

I recommend you use a GPS and pls zoom in a map.
Go straight the narrow way in map. This street is very silent and small.
Entrance of Cave x is very beautiful and lightened a LED, and there is a sign with logo.
So I think you can understand the site easily.
You can enter from this door.


3. Fee

Now there is no announce about official regular fee.
Maybe it will be announced soon.

We can enter with 1000 yen till around 7th May, 2017. It is open campaign.

*Please check the official web page, if you want to know newest and correct infomation.
*There is some rules about entrance to here. Pls check it and obey to rules.


4. Business Hour

(Maximum stay is 24hours)


5. Event

Now there is no announce about event.
But I expect it will start regular daily event like Cave.


6. Wear Style

There is some special costume in Sauna.
We can choose and use the items.
There is many sizes, M, L, XL, 3XL… and so on.


Japanese Gay Sauna special customs (1)

In Japanese Gay Sauna, Most people are not naked.
And almost sauna has no SAUNA. It’s similar a hotel or room than sauna.
It’s difficult to get a large sight for gay sauna in Tokyo. it costs high. Maybe that is a reason i think.

Instead of that, we can enjoy a special costumes, like a Fundosh, Jock strap, or underwear.
i recommend wear a Jock strap. I like it very much. lol.

In the reception, you need to choose and request a costume.
Honestly It's really embarrassing for me to say like that in there. lol


7. Facilities

Normally Japanese sauna is very small.
Cave x shinjuku is a little bit smaller than such other gay sauna in Tokyo.
But interia design is cool. Sick and wild.


7-1. Interior design

All design is sick and wild. inner room is lighted by violet LED indirectly.
Walls is painted by black. Electric cables are hidden neatly. I think these are made by proffecional designer who has good sense.


7-2. Rooms

We can use private room when you could got a good partner.
there are around 5 small rooms. In these room, there is condorms, lotion, tissue. they are free.
Mattress is made by good materials. I think it like a water proof. so it will dry easily if we use lotion. (but pls attention to keep clean the room. i think if we spoiled lotion very much, then mattress will be dirty easily even this is good materials)
And staffs exchange a cover of meatless regulary.

There is also big room. I think we can play by many people in this room.
It’s better to show your body and to appeal in there.


7-3. Bench, Break space

There is no large break space. but we can sit down in a sofa and a small bench.
I recommend you don’t except to be able to sit down and relax as like other big gay sauna.


7-4. Shower

There are 2 nice shower booth.
We can use it for wash your ass hole. but there is a strict rules. pay attention to read the poster in the sauna.
I recommend its better to go to toilet first and use a washlet. After that you use the shower as extra cleaning.
Japanese are very clean people. so pay attention to use it neatly.


7-5. Washstand

washstand is very small. you can gargle at there. there is liquid soap and liquid mouth wash.


7-6. Toilet

Toilet is a little bit old and small. But we can use Japanese style washlet.


7-7. Cleaning

Staffs in this sauna is trying cleaning tightly. But it is too busy to manage a sauna by 1 or 2 staffs.
So I wish all people use there cleanly. When after you use a room, its good to clean a room yourself.


8. What Type of guys come here?

I except a Type of guys come here as below.

Type of guys come here : 30-40 years old, Bears, around 80-100kg

40s ...45%
30s ...35%
20s ...20%

Bears ...45%
Chubby ...20%
Muscle ...20%
Others ...15%

*This is my opinion.

(1) This sauna appeals for Bears in Gay media.

This Cave group’ s main target is bears. so they appeals for bears and almost guest is bears.


(2) Welcomed to Foringer

Of course many Foreigner comes here. i met them many times.
I think almost Japanese gay bears are thinking most important point to play is "Body". If you have nice muscle and body, you can get the partner easily.
Caucasian and Asians are very popular in there i think.


(3) People who live in west of Tokyo comes here

I except People who live in west of Tokyo comes here so much. Cause Shinjuku is around center of Tokyo.
They could come to Shinjuku more easily than go to Ueno, Asakusa or Shinbashi.
So you have possibility to meet such kind of people.

Basically Type of guys come this sauna will be change day by day. I couldn’t except approximately. This sauna opened recently. we need to know it from now.


9. Peak Time

Peak Time is very important in Japanese gay sauna.
I except to Peak Time in here as below.

Peak Time: Weekday 6PM-9PM, Saturday, Sunday 4PM-10PM
*This is my opinion.


(1)  Japanese come to sauna after work in weeek day

I think Japanese come to sauna after work in weeek day in Tokyo.
Japanese work time is very different from global customs. It’s a strange.
They starts a work from 9-10 AM. Cause a train is not supplied efficiently for everyone. we takes a lot time to going to office. lol
And they finish a work around 6-11PM. Almost people can’t finish the work early. It’s a strange culture. I don’t know a reason. lol

Anyway… Japanese comes sauna 6PM-9PM in weekday. They have a many stress, almost of them want to release them.


(2) Some people use this sauna as a hotel.

This sauna is opened in 24 hours. so Some people use this sauna as a hotel.
Its very useful cause cheep and near to shinjuku station.
So after around 12pm, maybe people will sleep in rooms. I don’t know a detail cause I never used here in midnight


Japanese Gay Sauna special customs (2)
Daily Schedule

Recently many Japanese’s life time shift to midnight day by day. It’s kind of social problems.
Japanse economics is facing crisis. poor people is increasing in japan, especially in young generations.
They have to work till midnight and they don’t have free time.
Maybe sometimes you feel that Japanese are cold and hastily. but they couldn’t escape the trap of this crazy culture.
It is difficult to meet to Japanese guys using Gay App cause of same reason. So pay attention to that. lol
(Of course it is not same situation for every young Japanese. Some rich and smart guys has many free time and much money.)


10. How can I catch the guys in there ?

I will answer to the question "How can I catch the guys in there ?”
I think it is little bit difficult to understand the shyness of Japanese for foreigner.
They are so shy. I will write some my suggestion for it.


(1) To appeal your body in the narrow aisle

I recommend to appeal your body and your face in the narrow aisle. For example to see eyes each other in a long time, or to touch your body yourself.
If guys pretend to answer your action, you can go to near guy little by little.
Japanese guy’s action or sign is very little. You need to not miss it.


(2) If you have a confidence, you can approach to guys strongly.

Of course If you have a confidence, i think you can approach to guys strongly.
But Japanse is really careful and they always observe for guys, so it is better to attack slowly. Or to say "Hi" directly with small voice is good way sometimes.


Japanese Gay Sauna special customs (3)
Silent and shy

Japanese are really silent people. There are Japanese gay’s feature.
- They don’t speak in sauna.
- They don’t approach actively
- They can’t speak English.
- Some people like same Japanese guys only.

Of course some people can speak English fluently. Especially Japanese gay guys and young guys can speak English very well.


(3) I don’t recommend to waiting while sleeping at the room.

I don’t recommend to waiting while sleeping at the room.
As i wrote in upside you can stay in 24 hours in this sauna. So some guys sleep in midnight.
But when it is not midnight, it is better to stand up in a aisle.
It is not rule. It is only my opinion. i think it will be more exciting if many people appeal in the aisle activly not sleeping.


11. Good point in this sauna

I write summary about Good point and Bad point in this sauna.


(1) Good point

- Entranse fee is Cheep
- Easy to access from the station
- Easy to enter to sauna for foreigners.
- Easy to appeal for guys.
- Don’t need to anxious about your GPS (Cause this sauna is in center of gay town)


(2) Bad point

- A little bit small.
- hard to get the rooms in peak time
- Hard to expect a peak time in midnight
- Hard to escape from pestering guys


12. Conclusion

Finally I write a Conclusion of this sauna.I really recommend this sauna now.
If you come to Shinjuku, lets visit to there.
Its better to go in around 4-5PM in weekend in a short time. After that you can try to go to Gay bars in Shinjuku-Ni-Chome.

I really recommend to go to HAAARD and Cave Ueno. These are managed by same group company as this Cave x Shinjuku.






Please comment freely. i will answer your question in English 🙂




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